We have our own servers to host websites and various Internet applications. The servers are installed in the call center of GIGARED SA ensuring the quality of communication service and physical and logical security of the installation.


We have a team of programmers to design and implement the needs of our clients.


We provide administration services for data centers, servers and domains, email servers, videoconference servers and streaming.


Our team of animators and graphic designers have the best software and hardware resources necessary for the design of Web pages, 3D Presentations and Animations.


We provide computers, servers, printers, equipment, accessories and spare parts for equipment in general.


We carry out network installations and computer centers, including electrical and communications infrastructure, contingency services (generators, UPS, etc.), security systems, access control and closed surveillance circuit.


We supply printer cartridges, toner and magnetic media.


We provide technical support and maintenance of computers, servers, networks and wireless networks.

We provide our services in Miami, maintaining a technical assistance and maintenance service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our team of engineers and technicians is at the highest level of training and resources for the installation of network hardware and software. We have highly advanced technology instruments and software to verify the quality of network installations of any type, including wireless ones. Likewise, we have the necessary know-how to ensure the physical and logical integrity of the facilities, avoiding intrusions, virus invasions and other external agents.


The Service Includes:
• Unlimited Consultations by Phone.
• Once a month they will go to their offices to update all the necessary software (Antivirus, Windows, Etc.)
• Attention 24hs / 365days. (For that we have a cell phone for such attention)
• In case of not being able to solve the problem by phone, a technician will be sent to your offices at no cost.
• Installation of Antivirus if they do not have it installed.
• Installation of a remote access program to be able to repair or explain from our offices (Authorized by the client).
• Includes labor in case of any damage (NOT SPARE PARTS).

Web Domains Administration

The Service Includes:
• Processing of your domain (eg
• Domain Administration.
• Email boxes (eg
• FTP access to your website.
• WEB access to Emails (like a Gmail to check your emails from anywhere in the world).


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 Movil: +54 9 11 6013-6666
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 Street 1234
(30186) Miami
Florida USA